Home Care Service


As one grows older, there might to a time when we have to decide on needing help for our daily needs and activities. Moving to a long term care facility may be an option but majority of the the elderly prefers to stay at home as long as possible. This may be a choice for you if your care needs are minimal or your family is around to assist or you only require assistance intermittently.

Is staying at home an option for you?

These are some points that you could consider:

Home accessibility and maintenance

Support available

Medical conditions


Try to figure out the needs required and then decide if home care services could help you  to manage the gaps of care needed.

What are your options of a home care provider?

Independent provider

Any persons that could provide the help you need. It could be a family member, a neighbour, a friend or someone recommended to you. Ask around, you might just find someone suited for the role.

Agency provider

The decision on the type of carer is dependent on the type of care you require, hours needed and the cost that you could afford.

Which type of provider is suitable for you?

Agency provider:

Care usually come at a higher cost. However, agencies usually provide prescreened caregivers who have already had background checks. If a caregiver quits or is not working out, a replacement can be provided, and coverage may also be provided if a caregiver calls in sick.

Independent provider:

Carers come at a lower cost, but require careful legwork on your part. You will have to do the background checks yourself, since there is no independent verification. There will be no backup coverage in case of illness or sudden termination.

Tips for hiring home care providers

The more time and homework you spend in the initial hiring process, the better the chances of success.

Hiring process:

Note: If the caregiver is not able to perform the task require, make sure you do not feel that you have to keep them. Having the appropriate caregiver is vital to the sustenance of your independence and health.




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